This page contained a nicely worded declaration about my passion for newspapers. Before saving the browser decided to crash. The text was not long, but it was beautiful. I’ll rewrite it when the inspiration re-appears.

In the meanwhile you’ll have to satisfy your curiosity  with some boring facts:  I work with R &D for a small newspaper company called KSF Media. We publish four Swedish speaking newspapers in Finland.  I have a passion for trying to understand our audiences and their behaviour. I also have a passion for  technology. These two passions come in quite handy with the ongoing tablet boom. The past two years (since September 2009) I’ve been working on our ereading project which is now entering a really interesting phase with developing something entirely new.

Disclaimer: This blog should not be seen as the official voice of my employer. It  portrays my personal opinions on media, audiences, behaviour, technology and other things I find interesting. Even though I intend to use it as a tool for my work, as a place to collect my thoughts and a scrap book for other people’s interesting thoughts it should be considered my personal playground and nothing else.


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