Switching your Tableau accounts

As much as I love Tableau, their website(s) can be a bit confusing at times. Surfing around on them feels that you’re required to log in multiple times during one session. This is of course due to the site actually being many sites and you can have multiple identities on them, which might make things a little confusing…

As I’m about to change employer I wanted to make sure that my Tableau identity follows me along. Not that I have that much content on the Tableau site(s), but still. So I set about changing the emails.

The one’s I’m interested in “keeping” are the account on Tableau Community and the one on Tableau Public.

First, the Tableau Public account: Login to Tableu Public (note that you might have a separate password for this one, as they are NOT the same accounts!) and make the changes in the settings section. Again, you’ll need to verify the email via a confirmation email.

Then, the Tableau Community account: Log in – no, SIGN in, on the page http://www.tableau.com and make the necessary changes in the the “Edit account” menu. Make sure to verify the email via the confirmation email sent to the updates email address. You can find the instructions here.

So far so good. Except for the fact that changing your email on the community account also affects the account you have on your customer portal :/ So currently I can access my company account logging in with my private email… And apparently, if your customer portal account is deleted, so is your community account! This behaviour/dilemma doesn’t really seem to be recognised by Tableau. I’ve been in contact with both their Tech Support and their Customer Service, but neither has yet been able to help me. Let’s hope this can be resolved, as I am sure I am not the only one who wants to keep the community identity when changing employer.


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